Sunset Cruise

Turks and Caicos Sunset Cruise

Turks and Caicos sunsets are magnificent. From the water they are epic.

Enjoy a 2-hour Turks and Caicos sunset cruise down the north shore of Caicos Cay. On certain nights each month, you can also experience the bioluminescent display put on by our glow worms.

Watch the sun set over the glistening ocean while enjoying a local beer or wine. There is nothing like experiencing the Turks and Caicos sunset from the water. And there is no other charter that delivers the care-free, incredible experience of Navis Charters. 

Celebrating a special occasion?  Let us know in advance so we can provide champagne and other applicable goodies for the best Turks and Caicos sunset cruise experience.

Glow Worms

On the third, fourth and fifth night after the full moon, a natural phenomenon occurs in the shallows of the Turks and Caicos Island’s Caicos Banks. About one hour after sunset, for 15 minutes, the marine worm, Odontosyllis enopla, performs a bioluminesent mating ritual. Odontosyllis enopla, known locally in the Turks and Caicos as “glow worms”, can only be found in shallow waters around the Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, and Bermuda to the north.

During this display, the females rapidly swim to the surface and emit a bright green fluorescent chemical that cues the males, who soon follow. Multiple males will respond to a single female and will also produce small bursts of light while swimming towards her. For a few seconds, males and females will swim together in a tight circle while releasing their eggs and sperm, before heading back to the sea floor until the next full moon.

The number of mating displays may change from month to month, but the spawning cycle is dictated by lunar and solar patterns happening only a few nights of each month.

Join Navis Charters for a private sunset cruise in Turks and Caicos while we watch this unique, memorable display under a star-lit sky.

Pricing Chart

 # of Passengers
Half-day Charter$1,100$1,250$1,350$1,450
Full-day Charter$1,900$2,020$2,140$2,260
Sunset Cruise$550$630$710$790
Price does not include 12% Government Tourist Tax
Additional Pricing Notes
• Half-day of Fishing - Add $100
• Full-day of Fishing - Add $200
• SCUBA does not include equipment
• $50 per extra Private Charter guest for Half day
• $60 per extra Private Charter guest for Full day

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